“Modified” the Film: Upcoming Screenings

A new film dubbed “A Food Lover’s Journey Into GMOs” was released recently and I highly recommend it…both as an interesting, beautiful and poignant story of its own and also as a means toward filling in gaps in the GMO story as told, for example, in the film Food Evolution (which has been called propaganda by many).

It’s called Modified. Thus far, it’s received 13 film festival awards (including four Audience Choice awards) and well known chef Jacques Pépin calls it “a very personal, tender, touching tribute and a well-researched, enlightening and powerful documentary.”

Canadian Aube Giroux, who wrote, directed, edited and produced Modified, tells me that “audiences respond very strongly and favourably to the film.” I can see why. As described on its website, Modified intimately portrays a “mother-daughter quest for answers” about GMOs, interweaving a “visual celebration of food”, cooking, gardening and family legacy with an investigation into the “extent to which the agribusiness industry controls our food policies.” Modified makes a “strong case for a more transparent and sustainable food system.”

Check out the 2019 schedule for screenings of Modified. It’s being shown in Nevada City on Feb. 24 at Nevada Theatre, for example. And it will be screened during the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival March 12-17 and during the Phoenix Film Festival April 4-14.

IMHO, Modified does a much better job of laying the groundwork for a more civil and productive societal debate about GMOs than efforts like Food Evolution. But view it for yourself and see if you agree.

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