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Monsanto, Henry Miller, and the FDA

I have been reading with interest various articles reporting on the trove of internal documents obtained from Monsanto during the discovery phase of a federal multidistrict litigation against that company that is currently pending in the United States. (The documents, … Continue reading

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Transparent Information about the GMO Ingredient(s) in the “Impossible Burger”

Have you heard about this new non-meat burger that—due to an ingredient produced in a genetically engineered (GE) yeast—has a taste and “blood” like what you would expect from the real thing? Or, since they are already commercially available for … Continue reading

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The Products of GE Technology Must be Assessed for Safety on a Case-By-Case Basis

Mark Lynas was at it again in an opinion piece in The New York Times last week, making claims once more about a so-called “worldwide scientific consensus on the safety of genetic engineering,” and calling those 17 countries in Europe … Continue reading

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Time To Talk “Conflicts of Interest” In Relation to GMOs

Scientific conflicts of interest have been in the news a lot lately. For example, a federal judge recently ruled that various members of the FDA’s Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee had conflicts of interest and, consequently, the chairman and three … Continue reading

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