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Scientific Uncertainty and Professional Ethics as Related to GMOs

Fred Gould, the chairman of the committee that produced the most recent National Academies report on GMOs, and I were invited to speak at the third and final NSF-funded workshop on the topic of “Scientific Uncertainty and Professional Ethics: Getting … Continue reading

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Would Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman Have Signed that GMO Letter?

From what I have read about him, I am pretty sure that Richard Feynman would not have signed the recent letter in which a large percentage of our living Nobel laureates urged Greenpeace to end its opposition to genetically modified organisms … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Claiming that “All GMOs are Safe”

In an op-ed piece in The New York Times, Mark Lynas recently wrote that “There is an equivalent level of scientific consensus on both issues…that climate change is real and genetically modified foods are safe.” But comparing the issues of … Continue reading

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Hyper-propagandizing crop genetic engineering in The New Yorker?

I was very disappointed with Michael Specter’s recent piece in The New Yorker called “Seeds of Doubt: An activist’s controversial crusade against genetically modified crops.” For one thing, Specter didn’t seem to understand the basics of crop genetic engineering (GE) itself, … Continue reading

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Why test GE Bananas on U.S. citizens?

According to a recent NPR article, “Somewhere in Iowa, volunteers are earning $900 apiece by providing blood samples after eating” bananas that have been genetically engineered (GE) to produce levels of pro-vitamin A some 5-6 times higher than levels in … Continue reading

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More Scientific Evidence Is Needed For GE Crop Debate

In addition to the apparent lack of scientific follow-up on the long-term rat-feeding study of Monsanto’s NK603 genetically engineered (GE) corn carried out by Séralini et al., I found various comments among the many letters to the editor of the … Continue reading

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Crop Genetic Engineering is a Mutagenic Process

In my last post I argued that the current system for regulating genetically engineered (GE) crops for commercialization in the United States is inadequate because it is possible to design GE plants in such a way that USDA, EPA or … Continue reading

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