Belinda Martineau in the Media

Media coverage of Dr. Martineau on issues discussed in over the years.

Crop Genetic Engineering Technologies: Science and History of Commercialization

Wall Street Journal (podcast): “Get Ready for Gene-Edited Food”

Lecture given at Cornell University (video): “A History of GMO Commercialization”

New York Times Letter (print/electronic): “When Food is Genetically Modified”

Organic and Non-GMO Report (electronic print): “A scientist’s Journey from Devout GMO Believer to Skeptic”

The New Yorker The Mail (electronic/print): “Rooted in Science”

New York Times Retro Report (video): “You Call That a Tomato?”

KQED Quest (television): “Next Meal: Engineering Food”

Public Radio International’s “Living On Earth” (radio): “Flavr Savr”

Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods

KQED Forum (podcast): “California’s Prop. 37: Are GMO Labels a Scarlet Letter?”

The Mercury News Opinion (print/electronic): “Belinda Martineau: A Scientist Says Yes on Prop 37 to Label Genetically Engineered Food”

KQED Forum (podcast): “Prop 37: The Food Fight over GMO Labeling”

Mother Jones guest post (electronic print): “A Geneticist’s Take on California’s Prop 37”

KBIA NPR (post): “Will Defeat of Prop 37 Lead National Food Labeling Put?”